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Planing Euro de Nintendo

jeudi 24 avril 2008

Nintendo vient de dévoiler les dates de sortie des jeux Wii sur le territoire européen :

Alone In The Dark (ATARI) Q1 2008
Godzilla : Unleashed (ATARI) Q1 2008
Worms : A Space Oddity (THQ) Q1 2008
Yamaha Supercross (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q1 2008
Wii Fit (with Wii Balance Board accessory) (Nintendo) 25th April
Radio Helicopter (505 Games) 25th April
Legend of Sayuki (505 Games) 9th May
Top Spin 3 (2K Sports) May 2008
Monster Truck Jam (Activision) May 2008
Boom Blox (EA) May 2008
Speed Racer (Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment) May 2008
DRAGON QUEST® SWORDS : The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors® (SQUARE ENIX) End May 2008
Hannah Montana – Music Jam (Disney Interactive Studios) Spring 2008
Iron Man (SEGA) Spring 2008
Ford Off Road Racing (Empire Interactive) 6th June
Family Ski (Namco Bandai / Nintendo) 13th June
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) 27th June
Lego : Indiana Jones the Original Adventures (LucasArts / Activision) June 2008
Monster Lab (Eidos) June 2008
Wacky Races (Eidos) June 2008
Mummy Tomb of the Emperor (Vivendi Games) July 2008
Blast Works – Build, Trade, Destroy (Majesco / Eidos) Q2 2008
de Blob (THQ) Q2 2008
Sports Island (Hudson Soft / Konami) Q2 2008
Chess Crusade (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q2 2008
Garfield Gets Real (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q2 2008
Garfield’s Fun Fest (ZOO digital Publishing Ltd) Q2 2008
Jeep Let’s Off Road (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q2 2008
Margots Word Brain (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q2 2008
Star Wars : The Force Unleashed (LucasArts / Activision) Summer 2008
We Love Golf (Capcom) Summer 2008
The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian (Disney
Interactive Studios) Summer 2008
Pipemania (Empire Interactive) 14th September
Brave : A Warrior’s Tale (SouthPeak Games) Q3 2008
Crash (tentative title) (Vivendi Games) October 2008
Spyro (tentative title) (Vivendi Games) October 2008
Bratz Kids (The Game Factory) Q4 2008
Build-A-Bear Workshop (The Game Factory) Q4 2008
RUBIKS (The Game Factory) Q4 2008


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